My Favourite Object

Our visitor engagement officers (VEOs) have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Museums Victoria collections, so we've asked them to share some of their favourite objects!


Shaun’s Favourite Object is a concealed sword stick that belonged to Melbourne’s famous Customs Detective, John Christie, who worked in our building in the late 1800's and is rumoured to still walk the halls of our building today.


One of Vimala's favourite objects is a plane ticket belonging to Cuc Lam - like Cuc Lam, Vimala also travelled to Australia via Kuala Lumpur. Although Vimala's journey was much more recent, the experience of immigration inevitably carries feelings of uncertainty and excitement.


Giselle's object is a wooden elephant carved by artist Nickel Mundabi Ngadwa, which she relates to strongly because it reminds her of her grandparents' home, growing up.

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