Exterior of a 1950s office building at night

Kodak Snapshots

A snapshot into the 120 year history of Kodak manufacturing in Australia, told through Museum Victoria's collection.

Black and white photo of a man in a suit operating a very old computer which is several cabinets in a row with many wires, switches and dials.
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CSIRAC - the world's oldest intact first-generation electronic computer

When it was built CSIRAC was at the cutting edge of the new field of computing.

Mansard towers from Douglas Parade, Spotswood Pumping Station, circa 1982.
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Pumping Station

The fascinating story of one of Australia's most important industrial heritage sites.

A group of young men in an alleyway holding a satellite.

Backyard ballistics: Australia's first DIY satellite

A DIY guide to reaching outer space.

Black and white image of a man standing next to a telescope
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Great Melbourne Telescope

Great Melbourne Telescope project website. The goal is to restore the telescope to working order so that it may be used for educational and public viewing.

Cable Tram
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Marvellous Melbourne

Melbourne is a young city by world standards, but it has layers of history. Discover how each era shaped the city we see today.

an amalgamation of different types of colourful plastic

Our addiction to plastic

Lifting the lid on plastic: the good, the bad and the ugly.


Vaccines: saving millions one dose at a time

How the history of vaccine development shaped our ability to respond to worldwide pandemics.

Man with a crate in a museum store

HV McKay crate

Lid lifted on mystery artefact.

Cover of a motion film box

Audio-Visual Material in the Kodak Heritage Collection at Museums Victoria

This audio-visual material in the Kodak collection is evocative and valuable in the study of Kodak’s history.

Two people in a museum collection store looking at clothing

Fashion Redux at Melbourne Museum

Major fashion names used the Museums State Collection, in collaboration with Melbourne Fashion Festival, to create a completely unique look.

Black and white image of a woman wearing a lab coat in a science lab

Anne Bermingham, a scientific pioneer of radiocarbon dating

Meet the woman who started Australia’s first radiocarbon dating lab.

Black and White portrait of a woman

Sylvia Whincup, a prolific collector and groundbreaking mineralogist

Sylvia amassed a collection of thousands of specimens and 167 new species.

dinosaur skeletons on display in a museum

10 really big things in the Museums Victoria State Collection

With millions of objects to choose from, what are the some of the biggest things?

A photo of the front of the Melbourne Museum

Birthday honours: 21 of our favourite things about the Melbourne Museum

Fascinating facts about Melbourne’s favourite museum.

four brightly coloured books stacked on top of each others

If books could kill: poison, heavy metal and literature

Poisonous books are a legacy of fashion and industrial practices that prioritised beauty above all else. And the heavy metals left behind are still causing headaches for libraries and museums to this day.

pages of a 19th century book

Unboxing the museum: Ye Olde Xmas Program

Have you every wondered what Christmas in Melbourne was like in the 19th century.

a green reptile extends its tongue to catch an insect. a woman smiles in the background

Forbidden objects in the museum's collection

What do a doll, religious text, gun, and surprised-looking cat have in common? 

a circular building covered with colourful illustrations and the word Scienceworks

Scienceworks is 30!

Jump on board for a look back at Scienceworks’ past, and some secrets, as we celebrate its 30th birthday.

a colourful illustration of several carriages, carrying extravagantly dressed people, billowing clouds of steam

Steam power is not just a relic of the past

Considered by some to be an old and outdated technology, steam is still used widely in the 21st century.

a photo of a white van with red and blue stripes across the side

The electric vehicle future was promised decades ago, what happened?

Once lost from history, the electric vehicle's time has come again.

a hand drawn map of Melbourne city grid

How poo shapes a city (and other scatalogical stories)

What do Melbourne’s laneways, the Spotswood Pumping Station at Scienceworks, and termite mounds all have in common?

a composite image of three drawings: a kangaroo, snake, and cassowary

A glimpse into the past, to enlighten the future of biodiversity on Earth

What can we learn from the first scientific descriptions of animals and the Earth’s biodiversity, written hundreds of years ago?

a sepia image of a man riding a bicycle

How much has cycling changed over the last 100 years?

Does the cycling equipment and advice of an Australian champion, like Hubert Opperman, stand the test of time? 

an image of a share one penny coin next to a vial of yellow powder

Deaccessioning: Why do museums remove objects from collections?

The public collections found in museums across the world are a historic record. But that does not mean everything stays there forever.

An image of a fiery mushroom cloud next to a piece of green-tinged glass

These pieces of atomic glass are the remnants of the first nuclear bombs

Forged in the fury of nuclear explosions, like Oppenheimer’s Trinity test and British bombs at Maralinga, atomic glass is more than a curio in museum collections.  

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