Palorchestes from the Pliocene Hamilton Local Fauna, Victoria, Australia

Ernest L. Lundelelius, Jr.

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 74 p. 325–330 (2016)



The early Pliocene Hamilton Local Fauna of Victoria is one of the best-dated and diverse Pliocene mammal faunas of Australia. One member of this fauna is the unusual diprotodont Palorchestes (Fam. Palorchestidae), a left dentary and isolated teeth of which are described and figured. In both size and morphology this material is similar to the specimens from the Nelson Bay Local Fauna. It is referred to Palorchestes pickeringi Piper 2006. The radiometric date of 4.46 ± 0.1 Ma for the Hamilton Local Fauna is older than the date on the Nelson Local Fauna (0.78-1.77 Ma) and has implications for the persistence of the species.


Lundelelius, E.L. Jr., 2016. Palorchestes from the Pliocene Hamilton Local Fauna, Victoria, Australia. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 74: 325-330.


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