Memoirs of Museum VictoriaVolume 74 (2016)

Earliest known record of a hypercarnivorous dasyurid (Marsupialia), from newly discovered carbonates beyond the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, north Queensland

Archer, M.; Christmas, O.; Hand, S.J.; Black, K.H.; Creaser, P.; Godthelp, H.; Graham, I.; Cohen, D.; Arena, D.A.; Anderson, C.; Soares, G.; Machin, N.; Beck, R.M.D.; Wilson, L.A.B.; Myers, T.J.; Gillespie, A.K.; Khoo, B., and Travouillon, K.J.

Going underground: postcranial morphology of the early Miocene marsupial mole Naraboryctes philcreaseri and the evolution of fossoriality in notoryctemorphians

Robin M. D. Beck, Natalie M. Warburton, Michael Archer, Suzanne J. Hand and Kenneth P. Aplin

New material of Gumardee pascuali Flannery et al., 1983 (Marsupialia: Macropodiformes) and two new species from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, Queensland, Australia

Kenny J. Travouillon, Kaylene Butler, Michael Archer and Suzanne J. Hand

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