New species of the water mite genus Arrenurus from eastern Australia (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Arrenuridae)

H. Smit

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 57 (2) p. 225–236 (1999)



Five new species of the water mite genus Arrenurus from Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania are described, viz. Arrenurus acutipetiolatus sp. nov., Arrenurus maria sp. nov., Arrenurus hybridus sp. nov., Arrenurus queenslandicus sp. nov and Arrenurus perplexus sp. nov. The name Arrenurus mantonensis Smit is preoccupied, and therefore the new name Arrenurus bifurcatus nom. nov. is proposed. Arrenurus madaraszi Daday is recorded for the first time from Australia. Some measurements, additional characters and new records are given for already known species.


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