Social stories for family visits with young children

The Autism friendly museum

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My Adventure to Scienceworks

I am going to Scienceworks.

I will have to wait with an adult to buy tickets to the museum. We can decide which shows to see.

I can get a map at the information desk.

Scienceworks can be very exciting. I will remember to walk and use my quiet voice when I am inside.

I might wait to see, touch and do things at Scienceworks. I might not have time to see everything.

Sometimes it can be noisy and busy at Scienceworks.

There are quiet places at Scienceworks where I can rest with my family.

I will stay with my family while I am at Scienceworks.

If I get lost, I will ask people who work at Scienceworks for help.  They are wearing uniforms and straps around their neck.

If I see a show at Scienceworks, I will stay in my seat to watch. There may be a lot of excitement and loud noises.

There are special areas I can eat or drink at Scienceworks. I am not allowed to eat in the exhibitions.

If we buy food from the café I will need to line up. It can sometimes be noisy and busy in the café.

There are some family toilets we can go to together. We can check the map or ask a staff member. The hand dryers are noisy but they dry hands very fast and can be fun!

I am going to learn, explore and have fun at Scienceworks!