2023 Dome Under Festival – Award Winners

The Dome Under Film Festival is now finished for 2023.  We are excited to announce all the winners for this year’s festival.

Best Art Film


dir. Ari DykieR

Jury: Steeped in the tradition of surrealism, steampunk and optical illusory art, Dream is an Escher-esque hallucinatory voyage taking us through multi-veneers of our imagination. Dream is both playful and entertaining while also being hypnotic and memorable. The film uses the curves of the dome to steer its abstraction and illusionism in a meditative and ruminative way.

Best Short Film

Marrga – A Yindjibarndi Story

dir. Dominic Allen

Jury: We loved seeing how much Indigenous storytelling featured in the festival this year, so were especially thrilled that a highlight of the entire program was an Indigenous Australian film. The use of the fulldome screen created an immersive and tranquil experience, and the film’s use of full body puppetry to represent the Marrga (creation beings) was innovative and exciting to witness.

Best Children’s Film

Hazelnuts – In Search of the Perfect Planet

dir. Stéphane Bertrand & Damien Maugin

Jury: We were delighted by how this film used its charming and funny animated story to seamlessly deliver lots of fun and interesting facts about the planets in our solar system and beyond. It was a stellar example of how to use age-appropriate storytelling to educate and inform.

Best Narrative Film

Lands of the Americas

dir. Patrick BossÉ

Jury: Lands of the America was a powerfully insightful and evocative documentary on renowned multidisciplinary artist, René Derouin. Derouin’s words alongside his art and the wildly fascinating re-interpretations of his work, created an unforgettable narrative about the personal, emotional and inspired expeditions artists embark on. Lands of the Americas weaves Derouin’s storytelling of Quebec, Mexico, Japan and the United States with many textured poetic layers. The film is a visionary delight.

Best Astronomy Film

Worlds of Ice

dir. Philippe Baylaucq

Jury: Worlds of Ice masterfully combined the search for other worlds and our own earthly experiences via the relationship we have as humans with ice. Although we can take ice for granted here on Earth, this film educates the viewers on the extreme places in our solar system and how vital ice could be in our search for life beyond Earth. Excellent storytelling and full dome visuals all around.

Highly Commended

One Sky

dir. Sébastien Gauthier et al

Jury: This brilliant combination of sky stories from across the globe inspires and entertains. With innovative use of storytelling, each of the short films was created in different styles via different mediums. This is a must-see for all who have looked to the stars, as these stories of stars will forever change how you view the sky and appreciate our human connection with the cosmos.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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