Self-guided activity

Suitable for Years 5-8

The Think Ahead exhibition asks visitors to consider the past, the present and the future by exploring how advances in science and technology are constantly changing the world around us and the way we live.

The exhibition is focused around ten key themes: communication; music; medicine; transport; natural systems; daily life; cities; space; food and money. The following self-guided learning activities feature eight of the key themes.

Curriculum links


  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social


  • Science as a human endeavour
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

What to do

To complete this task, each group will need an electronic recording device and a copy of the questions around the themes in the exhibition. You can choose to record audio or video footage.

  1. First explore the exhibition for 20 minutes
  2. In groups of three, choose three or four different themes from the exhibition and make a 15-30 second recording following the instructions under each theme. Spend time exploring the information provided in the exhibition and discuss your final answer before you make your recording. Each recording should take no more than ten minutes.

Themes and questions to choose from


Communication has changed over time with the constant advances in technology.

Make a recording that explains which communication device you think has had the greatest impact on how we live today.


Will the types of sounds you hear in 100 years’ time differ from what you hear today?

In the sound cube, create a piece of music with sounds you think you will hear in 100 years. When you record your piece of music, explain the choices you made.


Advances in science and technology constantly change the developments in medicine. Medical upgrades for the body will affect who we are and how we will live.

Upgrade your body. Make a recording that explains how your body upgrades might change how you might live in the future.


Developments in transport greatly affects our environment and lifestyle.

Design a car that will be better for the environment (eco-friendly). Make a recording to explain what features of your design make it eco-friendly.


As our environment changes, living things will need to adapt to survive.

What do you think will be the biggest threat to the environment in the future? Explain your answer in a recording.


People have always imagined what space exploration would be like in the future.

Make a recording explain what you imagine space exploration will be like in 1000 years.


Imagine a city 200 years in the future.

What do you think will be important when building a city of the future? Consider housing, businesses and keeping the environment healthy.

Daily life

Search for clues to find out how your daily life might change if you were to travel 50 years into the future.

How would you design a sneaker [OR a piece of clothing or footwear] people will be wearing in 50 years' time? Make a recording that explains why you would need particular materials in the future.

Advice to teachers

Please ensure each group has an electronic device organised for their visit. The students will also need a copy of the questions they will be responding to - you can print this page using your browser tools. The videos and audio recordings could be compiled and shared back at school after the visit and can be used to synthesise key ideas or as a stimulus for future project work.

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