Horridus: Journey of a Triceratops

By Chris Flynn

Horridus: Journey of a Triceratops chronicles the 67-million-year voyage across deep time of one of the most remarkable fossils ever discovered. From Montana to Melbourne, photography and artwork have been gathered together with meditations from a diverse, international range of thinkers to provide insight into the process of unearthing, preparing, shipping, cataloguing and mounting the most complete Triceratops known to science.

The worlds of palaeontology and art intersect in celebration of Museums Victoria’s landmark exhibition Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs. In this companion book edited by author Chris Flynn, contributions from names such as Benjamin Law, Tim Flannery, Shannon Martinez, Laura Jean McKay, Philip J. Currie, Tony Birch and Shaun Tan provide us with a profound feeling of connection to the prehistoric world.

This stunning hardback book features a dyed book block – perfect for displaying on a coffee table or desk – and documents this world-first dinosaur discovery with a glorious array of full-colour photographs and exclusive artwork.

Hardcover, 242 pages
RRP $64.99 Information on buying our books

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