Poem: ‘Walking to Clear My Mind’

White sheet of paper with black handwriting.
HT 57080 – Poem - 'Walking to Clear My Mind', Marina Maggs, Sunshine, Victoria, 2020.

Poet: Marina Maggs, Sunshine

Poet’s Statement: ‘I found that during COVID-19, writing helped me to put things that were going on around me in perspective.  Writing some poetry became my outlet, my coping mechanism. This particular poem was written after the end of the second lockdown, when we were finally set free after those long months. One night, I was having trouble sleeping and found myself thinking about exactly how I had managed to cope with the shutdown and I started writing down my thoughts.  I realised that, for me, getting out and walking most days and hearing about the kindness of so many people during this period, very much helped me through this black time.’

‘Writing poetry became my outlet, my coping mechanism.’ Marina Maggs

Walking to Clear My Mind

Since March, 2020, our world has been in freefall.
Old routines are all left behind.
Some changes have been drastic, 
others, quite frankly, I didn't mind.

Didn't mind the slower pace
and some time to actually unwind.
But with constant news of sadness
and changes of every kind,
I had to look deep inside me
to see the hope I had to find.

I found it in the little things,
in leaving trivial matters behind.
In taking time to smell the roses
and walking to clear my mind.

In saying hello to many strangers
who on the paths I'd find.
In people stopping to have a chat,
and offering assistance of any kind.
In swapping jokes, recipes, veggies and books
and even sometimes a glass of wine.

In seeing teddies in the windows
with children laughing and looking kind.
I found it in many Spoonville villages
growing on our nature strips - a picture divine.

I found it in other people
who were also looking hard to find,
that glimmer of hope in all this mess
by helping others and being kind.

With the support of the Office for Suburban Development, a handwritten copy of this poem has been acquired into Museum Victoria’s State Collection.

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