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National Science Week

Join us in 2022

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. In 2021, Museums Victoria delivered a program packed with STEM and science research through online events, social media takeovers and challenges, in-depth and the chance to vote for Victoria's State Fossil Emblem.

Online events

Listen to a recording of our special National Science Week presentations.

Woman doing fieldwork in the bush

Our Treasured Earth

Watch the recording on Facebook

A panel discussion exploring science, climate change, and caring for our home planet from First Peoples’ and researchers’ perspectives. 

Queen Alexander butterfly overlay a graphic representation of a forest bathed in golden light. The silhouette of Dodo can be seen

Fieldwork Treasure

Sat 21 Aug | Recording available soon

Museums Victoria scientists talk about valuable discoveries from the field and collections.

Social media

Our experts went live on Instagram and Twitter across National Science Week taking us on a fascinating journey behind the scenes. Below Joseph, Sara and Simon share their scientific specialties and Museum life.

Arachnology & entomology live chat

Space science live chat

Entomology behind-the-scenes live chat

Vote for Victoria's Fossil Emblem

Museums Victoria is excited to invite the people of Victoria to cast their vote in selecting a candidate for a state fossil emblem. Which fossil will you vote for?

In-depth science

Support our science research

Child in the Ground Up exhibition at Scienceworks.
Two kangaroos in an embrace, in a bush clearing, St Andrews, October 2009. These kangaroos were made orphans due to the Black Saturday bushfires and are very close. Cooper (right) and Merlot (left), two young Grey Kangaroos, are standing within a bush clearing at Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter. Part of the Kinglake National Park can be seen in the background; with burnt tree trunks and new undergrowth visible.

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