Museums Victoria welcomes applications from tertiary students for short, unpaid, work based learning placements, or internships, from tertiary students studying in a field relevant to the range of departments located at Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks or the Immigration Museum.

Man holding a Swamp skink
Fieldwork, Grampians National Park


Applications can only be considered if:

  • You are currently in the second or subsequent year of a tertiary course;
  • the placement is a compulsory requirement of your course, and
  • the placement is authorised by your educational institution, and they provide insurance cover for you whilst you are on placement.

At this time, students seeking voluntary placements, graduates, and other non-students are not eligible to apply for internships, but are welcome to apply for volunteer roles.

Museums Victoria does not currently offer a secondary school work experience program.

How to apply

  1. Check the Student Projects page for advertised opportunities, and follow the application instructions given for the specific project. Students are encouraged to check this page regularly.
  2. If there are no projects advertised, you can still submit an enquiry about our internship program. 

Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. There are many variables that impact on internship opportunities, such as the needs and capacity of the department, staff commitments, students already 'in the system', and project availability.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • a cover letter outlining why you are interested in an internship. This is the main part of your application and should outline your areas of interest related to the Museum, your intended learning outcomes or what you are hoping to achieve, your time frames and availability;
  • a brief CV, including grades for completed units of your current study; and
  • any information provided by the University about this placement.

Applications should be emailed to the Education Placement Officer at [email protected].

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