Higher Degree Research

Our Higher Degree Research program welcomes applications from Honours, Masters and PhD research students for projects with direct links to the Museum’s Collections. 

Joshua Hale, a Herpetology PHD student, extracting DNA from frog speciments dating back to the 1960s.
Joshua Hale extracting DNA from frogs

Museums Victoria fosters existing relationships with universities and colleges via the supervision of students undertaking post-graduate research projects with direct links to the museum's collection. Projects relate to a wide range of museum work, including collections research, development and care, education and public programs, exhibition production, and public relations and marketing.

How to apply

To apply for Higher Degree Research projects which are currently advertised:

Check the advertised Student Projects for specific opportunities, and follow the application instructions given for the specific project.  Students are encouraged to check this page regularly.

To apply for Higher Degree Research when there are no projects advertised:

We accept enquiries about our Higher Degree Research projects throughout the year, outside of advertised opportunities.  Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.  There are many variables that impact on Higher Degree Research opportunities, such as the needs and capacity of the department, staff commitments, students already ‘in the system’, and project availability.

Honours, Research Masters, and PhD students should enquire with their university supervisors about the potential of conducting research projects with Museums Victoria.

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