Rock ‘n’ roll trivia

Test your general knowledge about the pop icons, trends, and fads of the 50s and 60s.

What was the first rock 'n' roll song to be famous around the world?

What year was the Woodstock music festival held in America?

Australia held a festival that was conceived and promoted as Australia’s answer to Woodstock. Where was this festival held?

Who was the first Australian rocker to appear on ‘American Bandstand’?

True or False: The Day the Music Died refers to an accident that took the lives of three prominent rock 'n' roll stars.

What Australian born dance craze was banned by some city councils in 1960s?

What year was the Beatles first world tour?

Which Australian rock 'n' roll star had their pop career cut short due to the Vietnam War?

Which other famous rock 'n' roll star was conscripted to the army?

Which famous Australian rock 'n' roll band formed in a migrant hostel?

Who is often dubbed “The Godmother of rock 'n' roll”?

What nearly ended Jerry Lee Lewis’s career?

What was the name of the 1950s Australian youth subculture equivalent in the to the UK Teddy Boys and American Greasers?

Can you name all four members of the Seekers?

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