Recipes for remembering trivia

Test your general knowledge about twentieth century Victorian food culture.

What is Vegemite made from?

True or False? Vegemite was briefly named Parwill.

What were the last two items to be rationed up until 1950 in Australia?

True or False? The 1956 Melbourne Olympics played a major role in kick starting the city’s restaurant scene.

What is Australia’s oldest chocolate bar?

What would you use to make a pot of tea before kettles and tea pots were prevalent?

Where would you find the oldest Chinese settlement in Australia, and the longest continuously running Chinatown outside of Asia?

What does CWA stand for?

Where is Melbourne’s Greek precinct located?

When was the term ‘Victory Gardens’ coined to promote home gardening in Australia?

What was the most common way to purchase Tupperware?

True or False? Dim sims were invented in Melbourne?

What would you be doing if you were ‘devilling’ a dish?

What is Gubbins Sauce?

Where would you buy Olive Oil in Australia in the 1950s and 60s?

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