Childhood games trivia

Test your general knowledge about growing up in Australia in the mid-20th Century.

What was the name of the plastic doll that you could win at a local show that had big eyes, a tulle skirt, and came mounted on a stick?

In which film did Shirley Temple sing ‘On the Good Ship Lollipop’?

What was Australia’s answer to Meccano?

What traditional Aboriginal ball game inspired elements of Australian Rules Football?

What would you call toys made from solid lead or zinc?

Who wrote and illustrated The Magic Pudding?

What are the names of May Gibb’s gum nut babies?

What is Australia’s most popular and longest lasting comic?

True or False? Marbles could be found in soft drink bottles.

What animal’s bones could be used to play jacks?

True or False? The Aeroplane Jelly jingle was played on radio over 100 times per day in the 1940s.

Which of the following nursery rhymes are about quite sinister historical events?

What every day items could you use to make a Knitting Nancy or French Knitting?

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