The Human Story

This kit introduces students to aspects of hominin evolution.

Suitable for years 9 to VCE
The human story learning kit

The kit contains replicas of key skull fossils in the human story, posters to assist with cranial volume calculations, a book containing background information and instructions for the teacher.

The teacher can run all of the activities at once, spread them over a number of classes or use the specimens in activities of his or her own design. An interactive PDF is provided, that can be printed out or used on devices such as a tablet, for recording student data.

The kit is aimed at VCE Biology Unit 4 and can also be used for Year 9 to 10 Science. The kit will make it possible for students to evaluate evidence for evolutionary change and evolutionary relationships and links to the following curriculum:

Victorian Curriculum: Levels 9 and 10 - Biological Science

  • Evaluating and interpreting evidence for evolution, including the fossil record, chemical and anatomical similarities, and the geographical distribution of species.

VCE Biology Unit 4, Area of Study 2: Human change over time

  • The shared characteristics that define mammals, primates, hominoids and hominins.
  • Evidence for major trends in hominin evolution from the genus Australopithecus to the genus Homo: changes in brain size and limb structure.


$160 (GST inclusive) for a 1-week loan.


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