Problem solving

This kit introduces students to effective problem solving strategies.

Suitable for years 5–8
Problem solving learning kit

It will assist to fine tune their problem solving skills and is a great way to encourage students to develop specific strategies that will allow them to approach problem solving in real life situations, with confidence.

It includes strategies for:

  • 'making sense' of a scenario or problem situation
  • dismissing irrelevant information from the important facts
  • looking for patterns
  • testing their findings

By the end of this program students will be encouraged to create their own personal list of effective strategies to use when problem solving.

This program supports teaching of the Victorian Curriculum: Critical and Creative Thinking.

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$85 (GST inclusive) for a 3-week loan


Kits will be delivered by post. We pay for posting the kit to you, you pay for return postage. Other arrangements may be possible upon booking.

Prior to requesting a booking, please read our booking conditions and cancellation policy.

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