6. Share your digital history

Once completed, you are now ready to share your digital history with your community or even the world, so long as you have permission to publish from interviewees and sources you have used.

You might like to organise a screening with your family, class or community, but we'd also encourage you to share it more widely so others can learn from your research. This is what historians do when they write and publish books and articles, make and screen documentaries or give talks.

Museums Victoria has created a Vimeo Group called Making History. We encourage you to create a class Vimeo account where you can upload student work. These videos can then be added to the Making History group. If you want to do this please email us with the details of each video that your students have uploaded to Vimeo.

Alternatively, you might like to share it via your school, class or your own blog or website, other video sites, or an education portal or channel. If it is publicly available please send us the link.

You can reach us at [email protected].

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