Coburg construction timeline

MM 98803 – Aerial view of the Kodak Factory complex with key to building titles, Coburg, 1965


Building: 1
Initial Name: Security
Uses over time:  Security, Amenities Block, First Aid

Building: 11
Initial Name: Powerhouse
Uses over time: Steam Generation, Chill water, Brine / Ethylene Glycol Refrigeration, Water Purification – Clarification, Deionisation, Distillation, Water Hardening / Trade Workshop / Oil Storage / Chemical Storage

Building: 7
Initial Name: Testing
Uses over time: Photo processing / Office Functions

Building: 9 
Initial Name: Amenities
Uses over time: Canteen / Kitchen

Building: 10
Initial Name: Medical 
Uses over time: X-Ray / Processing / Office Functions

Building: 2
Initial Name: Emulsion
Uses over time: Raw Material Storage, Chem Prep, Emulsion / Dispersion / DIY & D-Batch & U-Batch Development areas, J5 Plate Making / J7 Trial Coating / Trade Workshop / Silver Refining 

Building: 18
Initial Name: Silver Nitrate
Uses over time: Silver Nitrate Production / Trade Workshop

Building: 3
Initial Name: Coating Track
Uses over time: Melting / Coating / Bulk Roll Storage / Laundry / Trade Workshop / Photo processing

Building: 19
Initial Name: Silver Recovery
Uses over time: Bulk Collection liquid waste, Flocculation, Centrifuges, Incinerator, Smelting, Rotary Filtration

Building: 4 
Initial Name: Film Finishing
Uses over time: Slitting / Spooling / Packing / Processing / Trade Workshop

Building: 5
Initial Name: X-Ray / Graphics Finishing
Uses over time: Slitting / Packing / Processing / Trade Workshop / Paper Finishing / Office Functions

Building: 6
Initial Name: Distribution
Uses over time: Storage / Photo Processing

Building: 14
Initial Name: Garage
Uses over time: Fuel Store / Vehicle Washing

Building: 20
Initial Name: Processing Laboratories
Uses over time: Photo processing / Office Functions

Building: 8
Initial Name: Head Office / Sales & Marketing        
Uses over time: Office Functions

Building: 17
Initial Name: Research & Development
Uses over time: Office Functions / Research & Development Labs, Facilities and Plant

Building: 12
Initial Name: Trade Workshops
Uses over time: Equipment Storage

Building: 12A
Initial Name: Instrument Shop / Engineering Admin
Uses over time: Instrumentation, Office Functions

Building: 13
Initial Name: Paper Finishing
Uses over time: Paper Finishing / Office Functions

Building: 15
Initial Name: Plastic & Metal Products
Uses over time: Plastics Moulding / Metal forming / Trade Workshop

Building: 16
Initial Name: Photochemicals
Uses over time: Photo Processing Chemicals Manufacture

Building: 16A
Initial Name: IT & Planning Admin
Uses over time: Office Functions


Building: 21
Initial Name: Distribution Centre / High Rise Store
Uses over time: Storage / Office Functions / Truck Bays

Building: 13A
Initial Name: Ektacolor Bulk Roll
Uses over time: Storage / Cool Store


Building: 3A
Initial Name: Paper Finishing
Uses over time: Paper Slitting and Packaging / Trade Workshop / Office Functions

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