Social story for a family visit with young children

My visit to the Immigration Museum

I am going to visit the Immigration Museum.

I will see lots of different things in the museum. I will see other people there too.

I might have to wait while my adult buys a ticket.

I will get a map and an activity booklet.

I might use the big stairs.

I might use the lift. The lift has a window and I can see outside. I will see that we are going up or down and I will know that I am safe.

I will walk with my adult in the museum.

I will use a quiet voice in the museum.

If I need to run around, my adult can take me to the courtyard. I will stay inside the gates.

If I need a break, my adult can take me to the Discovery Centre. It is a quiet place with books to look at.

If I get lost I can ask a museum staff member for help. Museum staff members wear coloured straps around their necks.

I can go to the ticket desk and get a stamp on my activity book.

Going to the Immigration Museum will be fun.

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