Letter to my future self

If you had the chance to talk to the future you, what would you say?

In times of great challenge, the future can seem overwhelming and our feelings can be difficult to process. 2023 has been a year of coming out of the shadows and readjusting to public life. Being once again surrounded by people and their hopes and fears can be overwhelming after so long. Uncertainty is common as we ponder questions of climate change, cost of living, housing affordability and what our future will look like in a rapidly changing world.

During times like these, it can be difficult to take a moment and think about how to care for and nurture our own self. To be kind and aware of our wellbeing. We check in on friends and loved ones and offer comfort to those experiencing hardship but rarely do the same for ourselves.

What if that friend was you? What would you say? How would you offer words of encouragement and optimism?

By writing a letter to the future you, aspirations, goals, and intentions can be set to motivate you through these uncertain times. You can even send a link to a song that might be uplifting, a recipe that has provided comfort or a story that has made you smile.

This letter will automatically be sent back to you, at the time you choose, so you can reflect on how things have changed and the impact of past events.

Future Me is run by a third party. By submitting your letter you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Future Me and Museums Victoria privacy policy.

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