Small objects even bigger stories:Many stories


Years 5-8
Terms 1-4 Tuesday–Friday
Maximum 50 students

English, Languages, The Humanities

School programs and resources

Students are invited to uncover the  personal settlement and migration stories contained in a collection of suitcases. Students work in teams to unpack the suitcases and develop a profile of the  person whose belongings they discover. At the end of the session teams present their findings to the class.  All students are asked to reflect on their own stories and think of an item that might best represent their personal story.

Following this staff led session students are presented with their Passport, which they use to guide them through the museum galleries. The gallery experience provides students with the opportunity to extend the understandings established in the suitcase activity.

Teacher Resources

Curriculum links

  • Humanities – History: Level 5 to 8
  • Intercultural Capability: Level 5 to 8