Students participating in education program in Immigration Museum Students participating in education program in Immigration Museum

Small objects even bigger stories: Moving stories

Museum Staff-led
Terms 2-4, Tuesday–Friday
Year level
Years 9-12
Maximum student numbers
Maximum 50 students
$8 per student plus education service fee
Booking information
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This program is part of the Small Objects, Even Bigger Stories suite of staff led education sessions at the Immigration Museum. Suitable for Year 9 and above.

Working in small groups, students unpack suitcases filled with objects, artefacts and documents revealing a story from a particular wave of immigration. Each suitcase holds a real story. The groups share their discovered stories, creating a timeline of migration to Australia which can be taken back to school. Students have time in the museum galleries to explore, in more detail, specific stories of migration. They receive a Waves workbook in which to record their findings.

The workshop session introduces the key terms:

  • Push Factors
  • Pull Factors
  • Wave of Migration
  • Cultural Diversity

Teacher Resources

Curriculum links

  • Humanities, History: Level 9–10
  • Intercultural Capability: Level 9–10

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