Museums Victoria's Apology to Traditional Owners

Group people a the repatriation ceremony
Mindaribba Local Aboriginal Land Council, Wonnarua Elders, Repatriation of Jim Crow

Museums Victoria expresses sincere regret for the indignity suffered by your ancestors whose remains we are now returning.

We apologise for the ongoing distress their removal has caused your community, and can only hope that the return of your people can in some way repair the damage that their mistreatment has caused.

We acknowledge and respect your unique culture, and your cultural autonomy.

In returning these people to you we affirm our support and commitment to your fundamental human right to unqualified ownership of your culture, and your ongoing struggle to protect and control your cultural heritage.

In honouring your rights to self determination, we recognise your leadership in directing how we manage and care for your cultural materials in our keeping.

We respect your initiatives, and commit to a future of working together based on mutual respect and dignity.

Museums Victoria understands that an ongoing awareness of mutual obligations to treat all with dignity and respect is the only sustainable basis for future fruitful working relationships between the museum and indigenous communities.

We thank you all for your attendance and support.

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