The Discovery Expedition sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)

P. Mark O’Loughlin, Elnaz Tavancheh, Caroline Harding

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 75 p. 53–70 (2016)



Identifications of all lots of Holothuroidea specimens collected from February 1926 to January 1939 by the Discovery Expedition are listed with station data, locality and depth. This report includes identifications reported previously by Heding (in Heding & Panning), O’Loughlin & Ahearn, O’Loughlin et al. and O’Loughlin & VandenSpiegel. New taxa from the Discovery Expedition have been reported previously, and a summary is provided. The new taxa herein are for equatorial West Africa specimens: new genus Cucusquama O’Loughlin and new species Cucusquama wesafrica O’Loughlin. Systematic notes are provided for genera Clarkiella Heding (in Heding & Panning) and Echinopsolus Gutt, and species Ocnus capensis (Théel), genera Parathyonidium Heding (in Heding & Panning) and Pentactella Verrill, and species Psolus dubiosus Ludwig & Heding, Psolus lockhartae O’Loughlin & Whitfield and Sigmodota contorta (Ludwig). Earlier echinoderm specialists who studied Discovery Expedition holothuroids are acknowledged: Cynthia Ahearn, Elizabeth Deichmann, Svend Heding, Melanie Mackenzie, Albert Panning and Emily Whitfield.


O'Loughlin, P.M., Tavancheh, E. & Harding, C., 2016. The Discovery Expedition sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 75: 53-70.


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