A revision of Antarctic and some Indo-Pacific apodid sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Apodida)

P. Mark O’Loughlin and Didier VandenSpiegel

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 67 p. 61–95 (2010)



Eight new apodid species from Antarctica are described: myriotrochids Achiridota smirnovi sp. nov., Myriotrochus nikiae sp. nov., Prototrochus linseae sp. nov., Prototrochus barnesi sp. nov., and chiridotids Kolostoneura griffithsi sp.nov., Scoliorhapis bipearli sp. nov., Scoliorhapis massini sp. nov., Taeniogyrus prydzi sp. nov. Genera Scoliorhapis H. L. Clark, Taeniogyrus Semper and Trochodota Ludwig are reviewed. Scoliodotella Oguro is a junior synonym of Scoliorhapis H. L. Clark. Trochodota Ludwig type species is fixed as Holothuria (Fistularia) purpurea Lesson. Trochodota Ludwig is a junior synonym of Taeniogyrus Semper. Sigmodota Studer type species is fixed as Chiridota contorta Ludwig, and Sigmodota Studer is raised out of synonymy with Taeniogyrus Semper. Species assigned to Sigmodota are Chiridota contorta Ludwig, Taeniogyrus dubius H. L. Clark (as Sigmodota dubia) and Taeniogyrus magnibaculus Massin and Hétérier (as Sigmodota magnibacula). Non-Antarctic new genus Rowedota gen. nov. is erected with type species Taeniogyrus allani Joshua, and other assigned species Trochodota epiphyka O’Loughlin, Trochodota mira Cherbonnier, Trochodota shepherdi Rowe and Trochodota vivipara Cherbonnier. Trochodota species not assigned to Rowedota gen.nov. and Sigmodota Studer are assigned to Taeniogyrus Semper. Other Antarctic apodid species discussed are Myriotrochus antarcticus Smirnov and Bardsley, Myriotrochus hesperides O’Loughlin and Manjón-Cabeza and Taeniogyrus antarcticus Heding. Non-Antarctic apodid species discussed are Chiridota pisanii Ludwig, Chiridota australiana Stimpson and Trochodota maculata H. L. Clark. The spelling of the species name Myriotrochus macquariensis Belyaev and Mironov is corrected. A table with Antarctic Apodida species and their distributions is provided. A table with specimen and ossicle sizes for some Taeniogyrinae species is provided. A key to genera of Taeniogyrinae is provided. Species names are standardized to: macquariensis; studeri; theeli.


O’Loughlin, P.M. & VandenSpiegel, D., 2010. A revision of Antarctic and some Indo-Pacific apodid sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Apodida). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 67: 61-95. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2010.67.06

PUBLICATION DATE: 14 December 2010

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