A new species of Paraulopus (Aulopiformes: Paraulopidae) from seamounts of the Tasman Sea

Martin F. Gomon

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 67 p. 15–18 (2010)



A new species of the Paraulopus nigripinnis species complex of the family Paraulopidae is described from four specimens taken on seamounts and rises in the western, central and eastern parts of the Tasman Sea between 30° and 35°S. It is distinguishable from other members of the complex in having 8–9 anal fin rays; 19 pectoral fin rays; 48 vertebrae; 19–24 predorsal scales; 5.5 scales above the lateral line; a large pelvic fin (length 22.8–28.4% SL), distal margin of pelvic fin deeply concave, separating the fin into inner and outer lobes, with the inner lobe much shorter than the outer (the ratio of the lengths of the outer to the inner is 1.7–2.1); two prominent, broad brown bands on the side of the body posterior to the dorsal fin; a broad black marginal stripe covering the distal third of the dorsal fin, with a distinct broad white submarginal stripe; a white marginal band and a black submarginal band on the distal third of the upper lobe of the caudal fin; a black marginal band on the ventral lobe of the caudal fin; and the buccal cavity almost entirely black.


Gomon, M.F. 2010. A new species of Paraulopus (Aulopiformes: Paraulopidae) from seamounts of the Tasman Sea. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 67: 15–18. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2010.67.02

PUBLICATION DATE: 14 December 2010

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