New species of Pauropoda (Myriapoda) from Tasmanian temperate rainforests

Ulf Scheller

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 66 (2) p. 289–329 (2009)



Seventeen species new to science belonging to five genera in two families are described from a collection of Pauropoda made during an intensive survey of temperate rainforest in Tasmania. The new species are Allopauropus fraterculus sp. nov., Allopauropus inusitatus sp. nov., Decapauropus heis sp. nov., Decapauropus attenuatus sp. nov., Decapauropus ungulatus sp. nov., Decapauropus convexus sp. nov., Decapauropus saltuarius sp. nov., Decapauropus terrestris sp. nov., Nesopauropus tasmaniensis sp. nov., Stylopauropoides erectus sp. nov., Stylopauropoides rounsevelli sp. nov., Stylopauropoides quadripartitus sp. nov., Stylopauropoides scissus sp. nov., Stylopauropoides hetaeros sp. nov., Stylopauropoides eximius sp. nov., Pauropus vandiemi sp. nov. and Borneopauropus dignus sp. nov. The high level of local endemism in Tasmanian rainforest is emphasised.


Scheller, U., 2009. New species of Pauropoda (Myriapoda) from Tasmanian temperate rainforests. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 66: 289-329.

PUBLICATION DATE: 31 December 2009

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