​The Psocoptera (Insecta) of Tasmania, Australia

Evan R. Schmidt and Timothy R. New

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 65 p. 71–152 (2008)



A systematic synopsis of the Psocoptera of Tasmania, Australia, based on extensive specialist collecting and review of all available material totalling 109 species, including representatives of 15 families. A checklist of species and keys to all taxa are provided. Six new genera (Bassocaecilius gen. nov., Clinocaecilius gen. nov., Graminacaecilius gen. nov., Nothocaecilius gen. nov., Tasmanocaecilius gen. nov. – all Caeciliusidae; Abelopsocus gen. nov. – Philotarsidae) and 30 new species from nine families are described and illustrated, and their affinities discussed. They are: Lepinotus huoni sp. nov. (Trogiidae), Embidopsocus lenah sp. nov. (Liposcelididae), Bassocaecilius rawlinsoni sp. nov., Clinopsocus edwardsi sp. nov., Maoripsocus hobartensis sp. nov., M. pedderi sp. nov., M. spiralosus sp. nov., M. tahunensis sp. nov., M. wedgei sp. nov., M. weindorferi sp. nov., Graminacaecilius frontalis sp. nov., G. micropterus sp. nov., Nothocaecilius thomasi sp. nov., Tasmanocaecilius truchanasi sp. nov. (Caeciliusidae), Ectopsocus coyae sp. nov., E. graminus sp. nov., E. hickmani sp. nov., E. risdonensis sp. nov., E. sprenti sp. nov. (Ectopsocidae), Peripsocus cochleus sp. nov., P. pamae sp. nov. (Peripsocidae), Howeanum tasmaniensis sp. nov. (Pseudocaeciliidae), Abelopsocus truganiniae sp. nov., Philotarsopsis hellyeri sp. nov. (Philotarsidae), Propsocus frodshami sp. nov. (Elipsocidae), Ptycta colei sp. nov., P. freycineti sp. nov., P. pallawahensis sp. nov., Tanystigma maddeni sp. nov., T. westae sp. nov. (Psocidae).


Schmidt, E.R. & New, T.R., 2008. The Psocoptera (Insecta) of Tasmania, Australia. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 65: 71-152. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2008.65.7


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