​A New Species of the Roughy Genus Hoplostethus (Trachichthyidae) off Northwestern Australia

Martin F. Gomon

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 65 p. 189–194 (2008)



Hoplostethus ravurictus n.sp. is described from a large series collected at continental slope depths in tropicallatitudes off North-western Australia. Its description brings the number of documented Australian species of the subgenus Hoplostethus (Hoplostethus) to four, the three previously recognised species primarily occurring in subtropical and temperate waters of the south. The new species is easily distinguished by the rather pale pigmentation in its buccal and branchial cavities, 13–16 (rarely 10–12 or 17–20) abdominal scutes and fully scaled isthmus. Its characters do not support a particularly close relationship with any of its recognised congeners.


Gomon, M.F., 2008. A New Species of the Roughy Genus Hoplostethus (Trachichthyidae) off Northwestern Australia. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 65: 189-194. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2008.65.12


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