​Early Silurian phacopide trilobites from central Victoria, Australia

Andrew C. Sandford and David J. Holloway

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 63 (2) p. 215–255 (2006)



A diverse component of trilobite faunas in lower Silurian marine strata of central Victoria are members of the suborder Phacopina, here assigned to 19 species within the Phacopidae, Dalmanitidae and Acastidae. New genera are represented by the blind acastid Berylacaste berylae gen. et sp. nov. and the phacopid Ivops wallanensis gen. et sp. nov. Other new species are the phacopids Acernaspis georgei and Ananaspis kenleyi, and the dalmanitids Preodontochile springfieldensis and Struveria? plinthourgos. Two previously described species, Ananaspis typhlagogus Öpik, 1953 and Dalmanites athamas Öpik, 1953 [= 'Dalmanitina (Eudolatites)' aborigenum Öpik, 1953], are revised. Other species are assigned to Bessazoon, Phacopidella? and indeterminate phacopid and dalmanitid genera. These trilobites are a significant representation of early Silurian Phacopina on the world scale.


Sandford, A.C. & Holloway, D.J., 2006. Early Silurian phacopide trilobites from central Victoria, Australia. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 63: 215-255. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2006.63.17


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