Linguimaera Pirlot, 1936 (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Melitidae), a valid genus

T. Krapp–Schickel

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 60 (2) p. 257–283 (2003)



The genus Maera sensu lato is among the largest genera in the Melitidae, used as a catch–all for species lacking the defining characters of other genera. Recently, several authors have started splitting this species flock into better–defined genera and the present paper continues this task. It revives Linguimaera erected in 1936 by Pirlot, but soon after synonymised again with Maera. The most striking characters are a short third article of the mandibular palp, asymmetrical gnathopods in both sexes, epimeral plate 2 with a sinus, epimeral plate 3 serrate on its posterior margin and telsonic lobes asymmetrically incised. Eight species can be attributed to Linguimaera, of which seven are new: L. pirloti (type species), L. bogombogo, L. caesaris, L. garitima, L. kellissa, L. leo, L. mannarenis and L. tias.


Krapp–Schickel, T., 2003. Linguimaera Pirlot, 1936 (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Melitidae), a valid genus. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 60: 257-283.


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