​Pycnogonum (Pycnogonida: Pycnogonidae) from Australia with descriptions of two new species

D. A. Staples

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 59 (2) p. 541–553 (2002)



Australian representatives of the genus Pycnogonum Brunnich, 1764 are reviewed. Pycnogonum carinatum sp. nov. and P. clarki sp. nov. are described and compared with their congeners. Pycnogonum occa Loman, 1908 is provisionally recorded from the continental slope of eastern Bass Strait, greatly extending its geographic range from tropical to temperate Australia. The range of P. moolenbeeki Stock, 1992 is extended to northern Australia. Type specimens of P. aurilineatum Flynn, 1919, P. torresi Clark, 1963, P. tuberculatum Clark, 1963 and the New Zealand species P. anovigerum Clark, 1956 are re–examined. The male of Pycnogonum aurilineatum and glands surrounding the mouth of Pycnogonum species are described. The arrangement of gonopores in five species is reviewed. Gland–like coxal markings were noted in several species. Abnormal development in two specimens of P. clarki sp. nov. is recorded. A key to the seven Australian species is provided.


Staples, D.A., 2002. Pycnogonum (Pycnogonida: Pycnogonidae) from Australia with descriptions of two new species. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 59: 541-553. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2002.59.12


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