​Report on selected species of BANZARE and ANARE Holothuroidea, with reviews of Meseres Ludwig and Heterocucumis Panning (Echinodermata)

P. M. O'Loughlin

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 59 (2) p. 297–325 (2002)



Selected Holothuroidea species collected by The British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE) 1929–1931 from Kerguelen I. and eastern Antarctica, are listed. Relevant species of Holothuroidea also collected from the Kerguelen region (Heard I.) and eastern Antarctica by the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) 1985–1997 are reported and discussed. The genera Meseres Ludwig and Heterocucumis Panning are reviewed. The genus Ekmocucumis Heding and subgenus EkmocucumisPanning are junior synonyms of Staurocucumis Ekman. A new Antarctic genus of the Cucumariidae, Psolicrux, and a new species of Synallactidae, Meseres spiculiferus, are described. Systematic and distribution notes are provided for Chiridota pisanii Ludwig, Taeniogyrus contortus (Ludwig), Bathyplotes bongrainiVaney, B. gourdoni (Vaney), Meseres globigerinae (Hérouard), M. hyalegerusSluiter, M. involutus Sluiter, M. macdonaldi Ludwig, M. occultatus (Marenzeller), M. peripatus Sluiter, M. propinquus (Fisher), M. torvus (Théel), M. trachus (Sluiter), M. villosus (Théel), Mesothuria bifurcata Hérouard, Pseudostichopus atlanticusPerrier, Heterocucumis godeffroyi (Semper), H. steineni (Ludwig), Psolicrux coatsi(Vaney), Staurocucumis liouvillei (Vaney), Trachythyone lechleri (Lampert), Paracucumis turricata (Vaney), Amperima robusta (Théel), Rhipidothuria racovitzaiHérouard and Laetmogone wyvillethomsoni Théel. Pseudostichopus globigerinaeHérouard is removed from the synonymy of Pseudostichopus villosus Théel, and assigned to Meseres. Pseudostichopus propinquus Fisher is removed from the synonymy of Pseudostichopus pustulosus Sluiter, and assigned to Meseres. A list of species with original and current name combinations, and a summary of new distributions, are tabulated.


O'Loughlin, P.M., 2002. Report on selected species of BANZARE and ANARE Holothuroidea, with reviews of Meseres Ludwig and HeterocucumisPanning (Echinodermata). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 59: 297-325. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2002.59.3


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