​Redescription of Bungona Harker with new synonyms in the Australian Baetidae (Insecta:Ephemeroptera)

P. J. Suter and M. J. Pearson

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 58 (2) p. 247–254 (2001)



The monospecific genus Bungona Harker is redefined and descriptions of the imago and nymphs of Bungona narilla Harker are provided. Two species described by Lugo–Ortiz and McCafferty(1998) as Cloeodes fustipalpus and C. illiesi are recognised as being conspecific and junior synonyms of Bungona narillaBungona narilla is distributed along the east coast of Australia from North Queensland to Tasmania and nymphs occur in shallow, slow flowing, cobble streams.


Suter, P.J. & Pearson, M.J., 2001. Redescription of Bungona Harker with new synonyms in the Australian Baetidae (Insecta:Ephemeroptera). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 58: 247-254. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2001.58.14


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