​Notes on the genera Nordgaardia and Uschakovia, (Bryozoa:Bugulidae)

P. L. Cook

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 58 (2) p. 215–222 (2001)



The rare deep–water bryozoan genera Nordgaardia and Uschakoviashare important similarities in budding patterns and zooid structure together with a ype of avicularium which has an extended subrostral chamber. Ovicells are known only in Nordgaardia and are here described in Australian specimens of N. cornucopioides for the first time. The remarkable spines of Uschakovia gorbunoviare described from a colony from the Faroe Islands; they are extensions of the frontal body wall, and each has a modified parietal muscle at its base.


Cook, P.L., 2001. Notes on the genera Nordgaardia and Uschakovia(Bryozoa:Bugulidae). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 58: 215-222. http://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.2001.58.11


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