Storthyngurella, new genus of Munnopsidae (Crustacea: Isopoda), with descriptions of three new species from deep–sea basins of the Southern Hemisphere

M. V. Malyutina

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 57 (2) p. 267–285 (1999)



A new genus Storthyngurella and three new species are described from deep–sea basins and trenches of the Southern Hemisphere. Storthyngurella is characterised by: long dorsal and lateral spines on the body; a terminal spine on the pleotelson; a long spine on the basal article of both antennae; narrow posterior pereopods 5–7; elongated distal lobes of male pleopod 1 extending far beyond the distal margins of pleopods 2; a long stylet of male pleopod 2, which is more than two–thirds as long as the protopod; and elongated uropods with tubular protopod and rami. The new genus is most similar to Storthyngura and Microprotus.


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