A remarkable new pygmy seahorse (Syngnathidae: Hippocampus) from southeastern Australia, with a redescription of H. bargibanti Whitley from New Caledonia

M. F. Gomon

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 56 (1) p. 245–253 (1997)



A new syngnathid fish. Hippocampus minotaur, is described from southeastern Australia. It can be distinguished from congeners by its prominent head and distinctive thick 'neck', tiny dorsal fin with only 7 rays, low number of pectoral fin rays(l 1). low number of trunk segments (8). lack of definition of trunk and caudal segments and lack of inferior and median ventral trunk ridges. It appears to be restricted to mid-continental shelf depths. A complete description of the New Caledonian H. bargthanli Whitley, 1970 is also presented.


Gomon, M.F. 1997. A remarkable new pygmy seahorse (SyngnathidaeHippocampus) from Southeastern Australia, with a redescription of H.bargibanti Whitley from New Caledonia. Memoirs of the Museum of Victoria 56(1): 245–253. https://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.1997.56.10

PUBLICATION DATE: 28 February 1997

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