On a Carboniferous fish fauna from the Mansfield district, Victoria

A. S. Woodward

Memoirs of Museum Victoria Vol 1 p. 1–32 (1906)



The fossil fish-remains collected by Mr. George Sweet, F.G.S., from the rec rocks of the Mansfield District, are in a very imperfect state of preservation. They vary considerably in appearance according to the nature of the stratum whence they were obtained. The specimens in the harder calcareous layers retain their original bony or calcified tissue, which adheres to the rock and cannot readily be exposed without fracture. The remains buried in the more ferruginous and sandy layers have left only hollow moulds of their outward shape, or are much decayed and thus very difficult to recognise. Moreover, the larger fishes are represented only by scattered fragments, while the smaller fishes, even when approximately whole, are more or less distorted and disintegrated.


Woodward, A.S. 1906. On a Carboniferous fish fauna from the Mansfield district, Victoria. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 1: 1–32. https://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.1906.1.01


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