Making beeswax wraps

By Kim Fitcher and Deb Fowler

Based on our experience at Somerville Community House (Kim) and Numurkah Community Learning Centre (Deb) we recommend this as an enjoyable group activity. It works well for a range of ages and abilities - it is accessible for many and is a simple form of ‘climate action’.

Beeswax wraps help keep food fresh. Are a great alternative to single-use plastic wraps and bags for sandwiches and for covering leftovers or wrapping cut fruit or vegies in the fridge. They are cost efficient, easy to make and are popular sellers at local fetes.

You can use material from the op shops and upcycle with the added advantage of reducing land fill. All you need is 100% cotton material cut to various sizes, (we used pinking shears to prevent fraying), bees wax grated and a hot oven. You lay the material on oven trays, sprinkle lightly with bees wax and place in a hot oven until melted. You can use a pastry brush to spread the wax to the edges. You may have to sprinkle some more bees wax to coat the whole piece of fabric. The material will cool stiff making it perfect for fitting around odd shaped vegetables and blocks of cheese. Simply wipe with a wet cloth or run under a warm tap after use. Dry on your dish rack before folding and putting away in the drawer for next time you need to wrap something.

So where does a simple thing like beeswax wraps fit into climate action?

Beeswax wraps are a tool to reduce food wastage. This in turn reduces the amount in landfill as well as reduce the amount of water, energy and fertiliser used to grow and transport the food. You save money, reduce your impact on the environment and stop needing to use single use plastics. A win for your pocket and the environment.

1. Grate the beeswax 2. Sprinkle on material laid out on oven trays 3. Place in the oven
Detail of fabric covered with melted beeswax on oven trays
4. Brush out melted wax. Add more if needed.

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