Be a part of something bigger in 2021 Climate change and the environment program

Climate change is not something that is happening to someone else far away or in the distant future. Today as a result of climate change, Victoria is hotter and dryer, with increased extreme fire weather and a longer fire season.1

Our safety, physical and mental health are impacted already at one degree of warming.2 And to prevent the worst path of destructive change we must halve our greenhouse emissions over the next nine years and reduce emissions to net zero well before 2050.

This will challenge us all, but we have the means and the smarts to create a better future. An amazing transformation has begun, but will we make it in time? What is already happening here in Victoria? What part can each of us play in this transformation?

Get involved

Museum Victoria and the Royal Society of Victoria are partnering with the support of Inspiring Victoria to generate conversations about climate change, environment, science and our society. Individuals and community organisations are invited to join this conversation to learn, share and most importantly to act for a thriving future.


1. Victoria's Climate has changed

2. Our safety, physical and mental health are impacted already