Tiddalik the frog

Who is Tiddalik?

Tiddalik is a small mischievous and very thirsty frog who appears in one of Australia’s best known Creation Stories. It’s the story of a frog whose greed results in all of the water in the creeks, lakes and rivers being depleted, resulting in the other animals working together to see it returned.

What is a Creation Story?

A Creation Story is a type of story that helps to explain the history and some of the traditional beliefs held by Koorie people. They are stories which blend scientifically verifiable events from our ancient past with stories that relate to our beliefs, tales of morality and life lessons.

What can we learn from this story?

The Tiddalik story helps to teach children a number of different lessons:

  • The importance of our environment and the preciousness of our water resources.
  • The value of our Elders and the importance of listening to those whose life experiences can help us make good decisions.
  • To share and not be greedy or selfish.
  • The importance of teamwork.

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