Nudibranchs and Related Molluscs

A Museum Victoria field guide

By Robert Burn

Nudibranchs, the ‘butterflies of the sea’, belong to a group that also includes bubble shells, sea hares, side-gilled slugs, sap-sucking slugs and sea butterflies (pteropods). This group includes some of the most beautiful, colourful and delicate of all marine creatures. More than 400 species of nudibranchs occur in south-eastern Australia.

This guide introduces marine naturalists, divers, biologists and others to the nudibranchs and related molluscs commonly encountered in the Bass Strait region—their identification, biology, and associations with other plants and animals that provide them with food, concealment and borrowed defences.

An introductory pictorial key is included, along with nearly 250 species descriptions accompanied by colour photographs and illustrations to aid recognition. Further references and a glossary are also included. Other titles in the series include An introduction to marine lifeBarnaclesCrabs, hermitcrabs and alliesShrimps, prawns and lobsters; and Sponges.

Museums Victoria Field Guides

Nudibranchs is part of a series of Museums Victoria field guides to marine life. Each guide in the series covers a different group of marine animals, featuring the common species within that group. Most of the animals described occur in the intertidal zone and in shallow waters on shores and reefs along the coastline of the southern half of Australia and beyond.

About the author

Robert Burn is an internationally respected authority on the marine group to which nudibranchs and related molluscs belong.

Paperback, colour illustrations, 266 pp
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