From Dinosaurs to Diprotodons. Australia’s Amazing Fossils

By Danielle Clode

Ever met a thingodonta or seen a fangaroo? What about a gigantic titanosaur or a mighty diprotodon? Come on an Aussie fossil adventure and explore prehistoric life Down Under. Discover amazing animals found nowhere else in the world.

Danielle Clode, the award-winning author of Prehistoric Giants. The Megafauna of Australia, takes you to the best fossil sites.

Run from a dinosaur stampede. Swim with giant sharks and ancient whales—but watch out for those megaraptors and their killing claws!

About the author

Danielle is an award winning Australian author who is passionate about science, especially fossils. In addition to her adult books on science, Danielle has written popular children’s books on fossils, dinosaurs and megafauna including Prehistoric giants. The megafauna of Australia and Prehistoric marine life in Australia’s inland sea.  Prehistoric giants was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards and has featured on school reading lists. Prehistoric marine won a Whitley Book Award Commendation for Best Popular Zoology Book.

About the illustrator

The illustrations for this book come from a range of palaeo-artists who are all extremely generous and talented people. Their creations combine art and science to bring the prehistoric world to life. Carl Buell, Frank Knight, Peter Schouten, Peter Trusler and Xing Lida provided the majority of the wonderful images in this book.

44pp, 280 x 230mm, colour illustrations
RRP $24.95 Information on buying our books

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