A Museum Victoria field guide

By Gary C.B. Poore and Anna Syme

This guide covers barnacles of mainly south-eastern Australia and begins with information about their biology, habitats and diversity.

A description of each animal is accompanied by a colour photograph. A key is also provided for easier identification of common barnacles, and also includes some of the rarer and less visible animals related to barnacles. The end matter includes both scientific and common name indexes, further references and a glossary.

Museums Victoria field guide series

Barnacles is the third in a series of Museums Victoria field guides to marine life. Each guide in the series features common animals and covers a different group of marine life. Many of the species can be found in shallow waters, on shores and reefs on the coastline of Australia and beyond.

About the authors

Dr Gary Poore is Principal Curator of Marine Biology at Museums Victoria, Melbourne. His exploration of marine environment has taken him diving in Victoria, the tropics and in the subantarctic. He has also participated in expeditions on ships around Australia’s coast and in the Antarctic. Dr Poore has published numerous articles on crustacean systematics, marine biodiversity and community structure of estuarine, shallow water and slope benthos. His most recent book is Marine Decapod Crustacea of Southen Australia: A Guide to Identification.

Anna Syme recently completed her PhD at Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne, studying small crustaceans known as ostracods. She investigated their evolutionary biology and systematics. Anna is interested in marine biodiversity and molecular biology.

Paperback, colour illustrations, 80pp
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