An Introduction to Marine Life

A Museum Victoria field guide

By Robin Wilson, Mark Norman and Anna Syme

An essential book and series for anyone interested in Australia’s marine life with detailed information and stunning colour illustrations.

This comprehensive guide aims to introduce the broad diversity of marine life to amateur naturalists, beachcombers, divers and others who have an interest in life in the sea.

All major kinds of living marine organisms are described, from seaweeds to seabirds, seawhips to seahorses, both common and obscure. Illustrated quick guides enable identification of the main groups with stunning colour illustrations of local examples from southern Australia. Dangerous marine life, introduced species and fishing bait species are also included. The end matter includes an extensive further reference section, a glossary and scientific and common name indexes.

Museums Victoria field guide series

An Introduction to Marine Life is the first in a series of Museums Victoria field guides to marine life. Each guide in the series features common animals and covers a different group of marine life. Many of the species can be found in shallow waters, on shores and reefs on the coastline of Australia and beyond.

About the authors

Robin Wilson has a life-long fascination with marine life. In the 80s he began studying polychaete worms – one of the common of all marine creatures – and has concentrated on helping ecologists and environmental scientists identify these important but poorly-known organisms. Robin has written numerous papers published in journals and magazines.

Mark Norman is Senior Curator of Molluscs at Museum Victoria. His main research interests are the behaviour, biology and evolution of cephalopods – the octopuses, squids, cuttlefishes and nautiluses. Mark has completed field surveys for these animals throughout Australia and the world. His other interests include fishes, other southern Australian marine life, Antarctica and science communication. His most recent books include A Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopuses of Australiasia; Cephalopods: A World Guide; and award winning children’s title The Penguin Book: Birds in Suits.

Anna Syme recently completed her PhD at Museum Victoria and the University of Melbourne, studying small crustaceans known as ostracods. She investigated their evolutionary biology and systematics. Anna is interested in marine biodiversity and molecular biology.

Paperback, colour illustrations, 176pp
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