Field Guide apps image and audio credits

The images and sounds in the Field Guide apps to Australian Fauna are from the collections of Museum Victoria and the other museums involved in the National Field Guide apps project. Many were also provided by external photographers and sound recordists.

If you would like to use any media in the app, please contact the copyright owner directly via the links below.

If the image or sound you wish to use is held by Museum Victoria, or by a party not listed below, please contact us.

Participating museums

Australian Museum
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Queensland Museum
South Australian Museum
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Western Australian Museum

Other contributors

Aaron Payne / Flickr
Akos Lumnitzer / A matter of light
Alan Henderson / Minibeast Wildlife
Alexander Dudley / Pbase
Anthony Pearson / Flickr
Arronsphotos / Flickr
Arthur Chapman / Flickr
Auscape Photo Library
Aviceda / Wikimedia Commons
Barney Moss / Flickr
Benjamint444 / Wikimedia Commons
Beth Mantle / Flickr
Birds SA
Bob Mesibov / Millipedes of Australia
Bruce Thomson / Auswildlife
Butterfly Conservation South Australia
Chris Clarke / Natureshare
Chris Lindorff / Natureshare
Dave Britton / Australian Museum
Dave Harasti
Dave Watts / Dave Watts Wildlife Photography
Dave Wilson / Aquagreen
David Paul / dpimages
David Stewart / Nature Sound
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (SA)
Derrick Coetzee / Wikimedia Commons
Des Beechey / Australian Museum
Donald Hobern / Flickr
Duncan McCaskill / Picasa
Erik Schlögl
Graham Edgar / Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
Grant Webster / OzAnimals
Harry Rose / Flickr
Helen Smith / Australian Museum
Henry Cook Wildlife Photography
Howard Plowright / Birdlife Australia
J.G Patil / Inland Fisheries Service Tasmania
James Wood / Flickr
Jan Anderson / Flickr
Jean and Fred Hort / Flickr
JJ Harrison / Wikimedia Commons
Jodi Rowley / Australian Museum
John Gibbens /
John Gooderham / The Waterbug Book
John Slaney / Flickr
John Stanisic / Queensland Museum
John Tann / Flickr
John Turnbull / Marine Explorer
Julian Black / Blackartz
Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Kristi Ellingsen / Flickr
Leo / Flickr
Leon Altoff /
Lip Kee / Flickr
Lydia Best / Nature Share
Malacological Society of South Australia
Marine Life Society of South Australia
Mark Green / CSIRO
Mark Hutchinson / South Australian Museum
Matt Clancy / Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography
Maureen Goninan / Flickr
Michael Jefferies / Flickr
Mike Bossley / Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Natalie Tapson / Flickr
Nathan Litjens /
Niall Doran / Bookend Trust
Nicholas Birks / Wildflight
Otto Rogge / Otto Rogge Photography
Paul Stewart / Flickr
Peripitus / Wikimedia Commons
Peter Fuller / Australian Wildlife Photography
Peter Gower / Gower Photos
Peter Robb / Flickr
Peter Shaughnessy / South Australian Museum
Pierre Dalous / Wikimedia Commons
Pierre Pouliquin / Flickr
Reef Life Survey
Robert Raven / Queensland Museum
Roger Grund / Butterfly Conservation South Australia
Ross Sadlier / Australian Museum
Sarah Speight / Flickr
Simon Grove / Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Shane Ahyong / Australian Museum
Steven Flanagan / Steven Flanagan Photography
Thierry Laperousaz / South Australian Museum
Tnarg 12345 / Wikimedia Commons
Tony Daley / Flickr
Udo Schmidt / Flickr
William Archer / Esperance Fauna
Zoos South Australia

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