National Field Guide apps

Discover Australia's amazing wildlife in this suite of eight Field Guide apps, one for each state and territory in Australia.

Together the apps feature over 2100 animals, including mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, frogs and invertebrates from terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. They contain detailed descriptions of each species, as well as distribution maps, endangered status, audio calls and stunning imagery.

Use them at home, at school, in the bush, or at your favourite holiday destination.

The eight apps are available for both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

All the apps are free.

National Field guide apps (NSW, ACT, VIC and SA)
National Field Guide apps (NT, QLD, WA, TAS)

The Field Guide app set


The development of these apps was generously supported by the Inspiring Australia Unlocking Australia's Potential grant program.

The apps represent an ongoing collaboration between Australia's major natural history museums:

  • Museums Victoria
  • Australian Museum
  • Museum & Art Gallery of Northern Territory
  • Queensland Museum
  • South Australian Museum
  • Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery
  • Western Australian Museum


For enquiries about this suite of apps, please contact us.

If you would like to use an image or sound recording from any of the apps, please refer to our image and audio credits page.


We collect data about how users access our apps because we want to continue to improve them. If users let us keep track of some anonymous data, we can make better decisions about adding new features and content in the future.

Our apps use a version of Google Analytics to collect data. As well as a few basic metrics, such as how many people have downloaded the app, we collect some information specific to our Field Guide apps.

We are most curious to answer these questions:

  • What are the most and least popular species (and groups of species) in the apps – are users more interested in birds or frogs?
  • Are users browsing the app or are they searching for particular species?

We will use the answers to these questions to improve the apps:

  • If we know which animals (and groups of animals) are most commonly viewed in the apps, our museum scientists can focus on researching and writing new content for these species.
  • If we can understand how users use our apps, we can set priorities about which functions we want to improve.


The privacy of our users is very important to us; we only collect anonymous analytics data. Each app is published by a museum in Australia. You can find out more about the Privacy Policy of each museum by viewing their website at:

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