Nishath Mohamed Nizar

Project Officer (Marine Invertebrates) and Legacy Registration Officer (Marine Invertebrates and Entomology)

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As a Marine Project Officer, I have had the opportunity to assist Dr. Tim O’Hara on the recent Investigator Voyage to Christmas Island, sampling the Deep Sea. Roles on the vessel included acting as a Logistic’s officer, Invertebrate sample photographer and a general lab hand such as sorting collected animals.

Since completion of the voyage, I am currently working on imaging Brittle Stars using a photo stacker and montaging software, obtaining high resolution images of the animals for use in publications and our museum records.

My next project will be to image Polychaete worms for Dr. Robin Wilson as part of a grant to improve taxonomy for this group.

My previous roles in the Museum have been with digitising and databasing the Legacy collection across the disciplines of Marine and Terrestrial Invertebrates. This includes assigning a registration number to a specimen, updating its information in terms of where it collected, who it was collected by, assigning a taxa group and other relatable data. This information is then later utilised to populate the Atlas of living Australia for further use by Government and Private agencies.

Whilst working as a registration officer, I had the opportunity to go on a few collecting trips, this included conducting a BioScan with Dr.Ken Walker in the Otways. Working with the Moth Team; Peter Marriot and Cathy Powers in the Otways and the Little Desert National Park as part of Bush Blitz – a Federal Government initative for species discovery. In addition, I assited Dr. Kevin Rowe with fieldwork in the Victorian High country,collecting data and conducting ecological surveys to asess the impact on the Broad Thooth Rat in regards to the recent Bush Fires in Victoria and invasive animals that are present.

As a ABRS project officer, I was involved with updating and tracking changes to the Australian Faunal Directory. This included reading publications, checking nomenclature of animals and updating the directory to reflect the changes occuring in the world of taxonomy.

I throughly enjoy working at the Melbourne Museum, having the opportunity to ask leading experts questions on a continual basis. Furthermore I have enjoyed participating in creating web content such as the “Unboxing videos”, “Town Hall Presentations” and presenting at Nocturnal events.


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons) – Melbourne University 2010

Masters of Marine Science and Management – Sydney University 2015


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